How To Market To Aerospace Industry

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Aerospace industry, especially commercial aviation, saw a downturn in 2001, following the 9/11 attacks. However, gradual increase in spending for military aircraft, missiles and space projects by the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. aerospace industry is growing leaps and bounds.

Aerospace industry is program-driven, and it takes years to develop a new aircraft. Besides this, it is highly vulnerable to outside forces like budget approvals. So, a supplier has to prepare himself for high risks involved in the production.

How to Market to Aerospace Industry:
Maintenance, repairs and operations are the key areas where a great deal of opportunity exists for top as well as low level suppliers.

As a top-level supplier, you can work as system integrator while you have to look at the R & D aspects, repair and maintenance responsibilities and after sales services as a low-level supplier.

You can use the following marketing tactics to seek attention of aerospace manufacturers and aircraft programmers:

● For promoting new products and technologies, you can use print as well as online advertising. Special magazines and websites have found to be the best places to advertise your products and services.

● It is essential to generate leads and build relationships. Nothing can be more beneficial as referrals and goodwill.

● Sponsoring events like air shows and joining industry associations can help you make your presence known and have direct interaction with the prospective clients.

● A technical level meeting and presentation can let your clients feel that you understand their needs. If they ask for changes in the product, you can provide them customized ones.

● You should not act a product seller but as a risk sharer and relationship builder.

● Supply chain management is another area where you can explore.

● Do all the tasks from manufacturing, assembling to integrating components.

● For improvement in your performance, you should keep yourself involved with the developing aircraft programs.

Whatever marketing techniques you follow to reach the prospects, you should not forget that a good performance is essential for long run survival. Aerospace industry is considered very vital to the country’s security and growth and that’s why it deals with the people who are trustworthy and efficient and apt in performance. So, to sell your product and services to this industry, you have to be more disciplined in your approach.


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