Transitioning From Traditional Industrial Degreasers

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Industrial degreasers are used in order to remove grime from machinery parts, floors, and tools in a wide variety of industries. They are necessary when attempting to remove particles that are not soluble in water, like dirt, grease, oil, tar, asphalt and tiny flakes of matter which come loose during normal use of machinery, such as engine dust. The majority of industrial degreasers contain harsh chemicals which can be harmful both to human health and the environment. These degreasers are far from environmentally friendly due to the fact that many are not biodegradable and have been known to contain chemicals which can contribute to the depletion of the Earth’s naturally beneficial ozone layer.

Alternative and organic degreasers have been created in order to obtain the same emulsifying effect on dirt and grime that traditional industrial degreasers have. The lack of solvents in these degreasing products mean that cleaning up industrial sized jobs is no longer detrimental to human health. Organic degreasers are biodegradable and do not have the same properties of industrial degreasers which can deplete the Earth’s ozone layer.

A variety of degreasing products now on the market can also be diluted with plain water, making them overall more cost effective than their traditional counterparts. These degreasers often contain non toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning ingredients like soybeans, corn, and orange. Noxious fumes and skin irritation are no longer a primary concern when using organic degreasers. Their close to neutral Ph levels make them easier and safer to be used by employees, and they can be used at lower temperatures which saves heating energy costs and concerns of wasteful product evaporation. Some additional benefits to these alternative organic degreasers are that they are non-corrosive, and are able to remove even insoluble matter.

In the aerospace industry, environmental concerns have changed the way many companies do business. They can no longer afford to haphazardly use detrimental chemicals because they are now known to risk the health of their employees. Companies looking for more cost effective degreasers with no negative environmental impact have turned to “green” organic degreasers. These degreasers are used to clean both inside and out of aircraft and aerospace equipment. From high pressure washers used to clean aircraft parts and machinery, to common household type all-surface cleaners, organic degreasers are being used more often. The industry has not been forced to sacrifice the quality of their degreasing products in order to utilize these alternative degreasers. Organic degreasers are known to provide a powerful alternative to industrial degreasers, which have even surpassed the benefits of their predecessors.

The known benefits of these eco-friendly products far outweigh those of traditional industrial degreasers. The aerospace industry has not yet entirely converted to organic degreasers, but within the next few years the number of companies still using harmful chemical laden degreasers will drop off significantly. Utilizing more cost effective and eco-friendly cleaning products will soon become the norm, and hazardous chemicals endangering employees and the environment will no longer be a concern.


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