Working in the Aerospace Industry

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With the dwindling job opportunities in the popular software engineering and electronics engineering fields due to slow growth amidst gloomy economic outlook, one branch of Engineering that has remain unaffected during the current economic slowdown is the Aeronautical Engineering. This is mainly due to the continuous demand for civilian aircraft in the growing economies such as Brazil, India and China.

Many of the Aero giants in United Kingdom, namely Rolls-Royce, Airbus and Bombardier, have not seen a dip in demand for Aero engines in the last couple of years, during which time other engineering industries were not able to sustain growth and in fact some sectors posted negative growth during the last couple of years. In this scenario the Aerospace industry has been able to sustain growth and post marginal profits. Although the demand in the military space has not been good, the demand for civilian aircraft and engines from the fast growing economies have kept the Aero industry stay afloat.

One of the most encouraging trends in the Aero industry is that there has been a consistent growth over the last 10 years and it has not come down during the current downturn. It’s not only Aeronautical engineering students that continue to get some of the plum assignments in the big companies in the United Kingdom, but also the pure science graduates such as the physics and chemistry graduates, who are getting good openings. This is primarily due to the research and the development efforts taken by the Aero giants in coming up with more efficient engines. These Aero giants are trying to come up with engines that will consume less amount of fuel.

It’s not only the engines where the companies are focusing on. They are also looking at more advanced materials for airplane body construction such as carbon fiber composite structure material. The new carbon fiber material will help in reducing the weight of the air plane body, but at the same time making it more ideal for handling the Aero dynamic challenges. With more and more bird hits being reported, the new carbon fiber material will help in strengthening the body of the aircraft and make it sturdier.

Because of the need for developing newer materials, big companies in the Aero industry are looking for science graduates to get involved in the research and development activities. In addition to science graduates, the other engineering disciplines such as electrical and instrumentation engineering graduates also have good scope in engine control and electrical power systems in aircraft design and manufacturing.


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